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FREE Shortcuts2x for Affinity Designer (v. 1.9.0) unique version

Vectorize with Jhon
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(Early access! Jhon's Birthday!)
The faster keyboard layout ever made available for Affinity Designer is available now with Tutorial + PDF Keyboard Layout!
You can produce much more! speed up your work in 2x with these shortcuts designed by Vectorize!
It's Free! $0 Cost

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You will download:

  • PDF E-book Keyboard map!
  • Free Complete Tutorial explained on Youtube (5th may 2022) Jhon's Birthday
  • Shortcuts file! (Windows Available!)
  • (Mac File not available yet)
    file coming soon! (As I don't have Mac OS to assign these keys to export yet)

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Q & A

Does this work on iPad?
No! Affinity on iPad has a very limited custom shortcuts

Is this will get the update for upcoming tools?

Yes! for exclusive members-only on Vectorizeclub.com

Is this work on Affinity Photo or Publisher?

No, this is made on Affinity Designer

Why this is better than the Standard affinity keys?

My friend, I like to have speed, the Affinity key standard is slow for me, Long of these years, I've changed 99% of my keys, each key carefully designed with the purpose of use and priority!

When new amount will get released?

During the live streams on the vectorize youtube channel

More question? e-mail: vectorize@jhonsilva.com

To Get upcoming updates and advanced shortcuts, just access:

We will be updating the shortcuts when new tools are released for Affinity! Next version 2.0! including Raster and Export!

OBS - The Free version won't get any updates here on Gumroad

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FREE Shortcuts2x for Affinity Designer (v. 1.9.0) unique version

10 ratings
I want this!